The first string of bunting that I made was very long as it was the alphabet for my daughter’s bedroom. When friends came to visit they loved it and asked if I would make them personalised bunting for their own children’s bedrooms.
Bunting is now the mainstay of my sewing business. Personalised strings with added picture decorations make fantastic new baby, birthday or Christening presents. I’ve also made quite a few Mr & Mrs … bunting strings to decorate wedding receptions. A string of brightly-coloured Happy Birthday bunting is a great buy as it can be used year after year for all children and adults.
Bunting can be single or double-sided – I would recommend double-sided for bunting that will be regularly put up and taken down. It’s also an effective way to advertise your business – as you can see I have bunting to promote my own business, which looks great along the front of my stall.