Babies and Kids

I love making items aimed at babies and children as the fabrics and other materials are bright and fun.
I began making ‘taggies’ as I felt that the prices that some baby shops were charging were too expensive. ‘Taggies’ are small comfort blankets with contrasting fabric and loops of bright ribbon. They can be attached to buggies so they don’t get lost and my son still has his in his bed many years on. The pictured ‘taggie’ was an extra large one that I was commissioned to make for a local playgroup as they had children attending with special needs.

My bandana bibs have also gone on to be a good seller as they look good while protecting the child’s clothes from the litres of dribble that comes with teething!
Despite cooking not being my favourite activity I do enjoy making items that encourage children to bake. The baking sets come in their own fabric bag – which can be personalised – and inside there are child-sized, wooden cookery utensils. The aprons can also be personalised with the child’s name.


Chef’s Hat & Apron

Bandana Bibs

Baking Set

Sewing Hoop Pictures

Hair Clip Holder